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Hey, I’m Oliver Clarke, the founder of Essex Lad, and one of the BIGGEST problems I’ve had while becoming a sex blogger was:

“Getting views to my articles, then finding a way to bottle up the secret sauce and give it to the other new/struggling sex bloggers”

In short, I wanted to create a course that would help the right people create an adult blog without the problems and walls that I constantly hit for 3 years while trying to become a successful blogger…

…Having to live on porridge for a week because I had no money.

….Being stuck at 100 views per day.

…Making less than 300 bucks per month.

…Missing out on sleep because I had to still work a normal job that I hated enough to feel like crying every sunday.

Sound familiar?

It turns out, me, you, and loads of other people inside this beautiful adult industry have these exact fears and problems. And the existing advice is either a) spread over hundreds of blogs, b) out-dated, or c) too expensive to get access too.

And that’s why I’ve spent the past year creating a course that gives you full access to the highest quality techniques, methods and plans to make creating, promoting and making money with a sex blog incredibly easy.

(This course does a whole lot more, too, as you’ll soon see)

How Do You Know If This Course Is For You?


Imagine for a second a world where you can get out of bed when you want, pour a nice hot cup of your favorite tea or coffee, pop on your laptop and make a living without even getting out of your pajamas. I’m talking no more…

…Sunday anxiety.

…Being a slave to someone else’s schedule.

…Living for years on the exact same paycheck.

…Having lack of direction and feeling like you’re going nowhere and/or stuck in a rut.
If this world sounds like something you want to escape then my product is the bridge you need to get across.

Why Can I Teach You Better Than Anyone Else?


I used to run a blog and for a year I produced hundreds of articles and spent 9 hours per day working on and it still only earned me $300 per month.

Don’t make the same mistake as I did and try to do it on your own, you’ll end up wasting years and failing time after time.

I could of given up…

…But instead I spent the past 5 years studying, creating and dominating. I’ve now built blogs that get millions of views per year (proof in video), make me a passive income that’s enough for a 21 year old to relocate his team and girlfriend to Spain to live by the beach.

I’m obsessed with success, I can’t settle for anything less…

…It’s my duty to make sure I succeeded.

And it’s your duty to make sure you succeed too.

So really it’s 5 years of learning, 1 year of creating, countless people helped with my advice and a system that will get you results if you take action.

That’s why you should buy my course.

That and look at these views from my blogs:

Second most successful blog, that generates a full income without having one new article in over 8 months and without one second being spent on marketing in well over 8 months
Another site that generates a large income with little to no work being done in over 5 months
One of my newest test websites that I'll be going into full details with and behind the scenes with on the sex academy course.

That’s just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg.

When you become a member I’ll be showing you my latest and greatest ways to create an amazing website, get that website making money and then I’ll be teaching you most importantly how to bring traffic and market your website to hundreds and thousands of people.



How To Create A WordPress Blog

I show you how to create a FREE and a paid website in under 40 minutes without any code…

Web Creation PLUS ONE

I will also teach you how I create my article/video thumbnails, social profile graphics, social ads all for FREE and you don’t need any design skills. Just be able to point a mouse and type a little. You also get to see how to get a FREE logo.

I will also teach you exactly how I create my thumbnails, social profile banners and ads without any graphic design skills (for FREE).

PS: You also see where I get the best logo’s from sometimes at just $5.

How To Stay Anonymous

I understand that your privacy is important, so I’ve dedicated this part of the course to teaching you how to run your blog anonymously.

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

I’m going to show you how to turn your blog into a profitable business.

Meanwhile also giving you: 

  • My Money Making Content Action Plan.
  • A List Of Affiliates That Make Me The Most Money
  • The Articles That Make Me The Most Money
  • An In Depth Look At The Highest Profit Pages
  • Plus, I go deep and analyze fellow bloggers who together earned over a 700 thousand in one month during the filming of this course.


How To Optimize Your Site For Google

I’ve worked as a professional SEO and I’m going to take a few videos to teach you the most important on-site and off-site SEO you can do for your site in order to rank on search engines.

How To Gets Thousands of Views

I’m going to teach you how to go from 0 to 2000 views in a few days, along with my other strategies that teach you how to use other bloggers to get massive amounts of traffic and how to create viral posts (that get noticed).

I’m going to go in depth and teach you exactly how I get millions of views.

Plus, I’ll be updating this with my latest and greatest marketing tips and tricks every month.


Social Media Domination

I teach you about networking, growing social media profiles and creating a KICK-ASS account (plus an exact guide on how I got 190,000 thousand impressions in 28 days on a small Twitter account).

You Get My Action Plans, Tool Lists And Motivation

I’ll show you all the tools I use, with action plans that’ll help you create unbelievable content. All while blasting you with next level motivation.


4 Top Secret Bonuses

  • #1
    Live Case Study

    Step-by-Step I teach you how to create a website and the end result is the case study you have full access to.

    In this case study I teach you:

    • How to create an amazing review and list articles
    • How to create an amazing video without appearing in it
    • How to create pages that make money forever with no work

    And it’s all in plain sight, so you can copy what you like on your own blog and change what you don’t.

  • #2
    Submit Your Site To My Live Feedback

    I believe that feedback is the most important tool when it comes to growing a successful brand, so…

    …Once per month you can send me in your website and I’ll give you dedicated feedback on what you need to change, what you need to keep doing and things to think about in the future (Each will be unique and done in video format).

  • #3
    Secret Bonus Videos

    Plus, you get access to bonus videos that’ll teach you how to create amazing content, improve your web design (without any skills), make more money and brand yourself consistently and awesomely.


All you need to access the course is a computer, with internet connection.

And this course is aimed at anyone in the adult industry be it porn stars, sex bloggers, webcam models, newbies, you name it.

But at some point in my life I've been each of the people mentioned below. So that's who I really created this course for...

People inside the adult industry who want to brand themselves professionally without speanding thousands of dollars per month

People who are passionate and want to sink their teeth into an amazing project

People who've had a blog for years and haven't achieved more than a few thousand views

The complete beginner who wants an instant advantage over the most intelligent bloggers

If you want to become a successful sex blogger and want to avoid all of the time consuming mistakes and headaches, the sex blog academy really is the place to start!

Pricing & Plans


If you don’t want to hire a developer to create a website ($600 +) and then have someone do your SEO ($800 + per month), then spend hundreds of hours on trial and error like I did at the start wasting time creating content that just disappears.

Then this course is for you…

…You see just that alone would leave you $2000 in the hole within a few months of opening. And how the hell are you going to be successful with all that before you even start?

So instead I wanted to make this a no-brainer and affordable for you because we love you like… um… well, we love you.

And I want to make sure I can help people avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

So I’ve created two very affordable plans – a monthly and life-time payment option.

The lifetime payment plan is out of this world but you can also go monthly to save on cash flow.

Think of how many months and/or years it would take to equal what you would pay a pro to do this for you!  Crazy.

And all you need to do is pick a plan below, sign up and you’ll then instantly gain access to the sex blog academy membership area.

30 DAY guarantee! Waahoo!

Zero Risk Guarantee?

I want to make your time as a sex blogger awesome, so I offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Test drive the course and if you don’t like what you see after 30 days, We will refund 100% of your money back. We know you’ll love it, but just in case you don’t you have 30 days and your money back.


Monthly Membership
  • Full access to all the 30 course lessons
  • 1 Website Feedback Token
  • Live Case Study Site
  • Updates
  • All Bonuses
  • Plus, so much more.
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